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Nice Try... Warriors Hold Off Pistons, 101-97

Oof, and then double oof. The Pistons allowed the Golden State Warriors to amass a huge lead before mounting a furious comeback. Then, with a chance to tie the game or take the lead, Ben Gordon turned the ball over.

On the back end of a back to back during a Western Conference road trip, few teams would expect to emerge with victories against respectable teams. Of course, just how respectable the Warriors are remains in question.

Respectable enough to own the Pistons without David Lee? Apparently so. Golden State established a monster lead early in the second quarter, led by Monta Ellis, who had a ridiculous 24 points in the first two stanzas.

The Warriors came out with more energy, and had the Pistons responded sooner, they might have a win here, but alas...

Notable Players

Austin Daye: After being a DNP-CD last night, Daye sprung back with another strong effort. In fact, he finished the game with a positive +/- rating.

Monta Ellis: Dude has continued to defy expectations by playing competent basketball. He is getting his big numbers without taking large numbers of shots. That's a big step.

Charlie V: Again instrumental in keeping Detroit in a game they should have won outright.

Deciding Factor

Fatigue. They don't call them West coast trips for nothing. By coming back, this team showed us something, but only enough to persuade me that it is capable of winning 38 games. Good teams win these games and go wine tasting.

Elsewhere in the NBA

New Orleans lost its first game of the season. In case anyone was thinking they had a shot at 82-0 or something.

DBB favorite K-Love had a disappointing game, posting a paltry 20 points and 9 rebounds in 32 minutes of play. Idiot.

Do we have to start thinking about Serge Ibaka for the all-star game now? We do not, but...

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