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Tayshaun Prince vs John Kuester vs the World

FanHouse's Sam Amick caught up with Tayshaun Prince on Sunday and Monday:

"We have a lot of talent on this team," he began in a postgame chat with FanHouse. "But I think at the same time coach is having a hard time trying to figure the right pieces out and, uh, when you have so many talented guys on one team, you try to make it gel and you try to find the right pieces and I think he's still trying it figure that out. It's been nine, 10 games now, so hopefully we can start playing some more consistent basketball and then we'll go from there."

That cheery assessment of the team, mind you, came after Sunday's win in Sacramento -- so it wasn't surprising to hear that Prince and Kuester spent part of the second quarter against the Warriors on Monday yapping at each other after the Pistons had fallen into a 20-some point hole.

After Monday's loss, Prince explained his dust-up:

"I voiced my opinion; he voiced his," Prince told reporters. "We (were) getting our heads bashed in, and I felt I had something to say and he felt he had something to say. There was a situation there where everything we were trying to do out there it seemed like nothing was going our way. They was picking us apart, and I just thought I had something to say. ... We put everything aside and said let's go and try to win this game."

I recommend Pistons fans just read the whole article -- Amick got Prince to talk about his upcoming free agency and the public perception that he's past his peak, as well as the fact that he doesn't intend to give the Pistons a discount this summer:

The 23rd pick of the 2002 draft is facing the very real possibility that he might finally play somewhere outside of Detroit, and he sounds -- and acts -- as if that's just fine by him. While he could certainly be traded before the February trade deadline if new ownership opts to leverage his expiring $11 million deal to -- imagine this -- diversify the talent base, Prince said he won't be giving the Pistons any sort of home-court edge when free agency begins next July.

"It's a level playing field across the board, but that's the importance of free agency, to see what the options are, explore the options and see what's best," he told FanHouse on Sunday. "If I don't do that, I wouldn't put myself in a good position. I think it's the best bet to just play it out, see what happens and take it from there."

Seriously, just read the whole article.