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Hitting the rookie Wall... Wizards @ Pistons Game Thread

Game Tips at 6:00 P.M. EST

Washington Wizards: 4-7 (0-5 Road, -7.2 margin)

Detroit Pistons: 4-8 (2-3 Home, -5.1 Margin)

Oppo Research:

At Kentucky, John Wall certainly didn't show us any evidence that he was a 20 and 10 guy, but the rookie has put up big numbers, albeit with middling efficiency. He is shooting 44%, and 37% from three point range. His turnovers have been an sore spot, as he is averaging 4.4 per game, but the Wizards have to be giddy with what they've see so far.

As for the rest of the Wizards, well, they are actually worse than their record suggests. Gilbert Arenas has been red hot from behind the arc, but utterly terrible otherwise. Kirk Hinrich has proven once again that he is a rotation guy and not a starter.

As for the young bigs, Andray Blatche just doesn't seem to be making the leap. Javale McGee has been excellent, but has seen his minutes limited for reasons that almost certainly make no sense. As a result, the Wizards are among the worst defending and rebounding teams in the league.

Keys to the Game:

Establish an inside game: Finally, the Pistons get a chance to pick on someone their own size. On offense it would be nice to see some post ups. On defense, Wallace should be able to turn his attention to helping on the Wizards' guards.

More Ben Gordon: He has been, by far, the Piston's most potent weapon on offense. 28 mpg and not getting the ball is just stupid.

Force Wall into the wall: That's right, I got two uses out of that pun. That's why I get to write these things. But yeah, the guy makes lots of mistakes. Let's make sure that trend continues.

Question of the Game:

Can Daye continue his hot streak? It was a bit silly to give up on him after a few games, and he seems to be back in full force. If he can play as he has the last few games, this will be a much improved offense.

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