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Nothing off-the-Wall here: Pistons 115, Wizards 110 (OT)

Richard Hamilton was really, really good in overtime and let's hope general managers around the league decided to pay really, really close attention to overtime, and overtime only. Rip was on his way to yet another "meh" game this young season (6-15 for 15 points through four quarters) until overtime triggered his inner clutch.

He shot 5-6 (all jumpers) for 12 points in the final frame and helped significantly on the defensive side of the ball to lead the Pistons to a 115-110 win in front of a sparse crowd at The Palace on Sunday evening.

The Pistons don't get to overtime, though, if it wasn't for Charlie Villanueva. Villanueva finished with 25 points on 10-18 shooting and grabbed 11 rebounds, but the five points and two rebounds he collected in the final two minutes were the biggest of them all. With 2:16 left and the Pistons down five, Villanueva putback a missed Rip three-pointer and managed to draw a foul in the process. He hit the free throw and pulled the Pistons to within two. Then, with less than a minute remaining, the Pistons were down two and in need of a defensive stop. CV corralled an Al Thornton miss and, ultimately, took Andray Blatche to the rack off the dribble for a game-tying layup.

The Pistons allowed an unacceptable 38 points in the second quarter and the Wizards shot 54% in the game, but Detroit forced 15 turnovers and pulled out a nice home win after recently completing a tough four-game West Coast trip.

A little after the jump:
  • Wizards were without rookie and dougie'ing sensation John Wall.
  • Austin Daye doesn't play when he doesn't start, I guess. It makes complete sense!
  • Tayshaun Prince was 3-13 shooting, but he nearly brought home the Arby's: seven points, seven rebounds, six assists.
  • WIll Bynum had his best game of the season, in my opinion. He was 3-5 for nine points and had three assists opposite zero turnovers.
  • Stuckey was 6-11 for 15 points and had seven assists opposite three turnovers.
  • Ben Gordon only shot six times, but he made four of them. He finished with 10 points, three assists, and three turnovers.
  • Pistons have outrebounded their opponent just three times this season, but this was their first win when doing so. (Boston and Atlanta were the other two games).
  • The Pistons are 2-0 in overtime this year. The Clippers was the other OT win, which Pistons won 113-107.
  • Detroit Country Day product JaVale McGee had 20 points, 16 rebounds and two blocks for the Wizards.
  • Box score
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