The Wit and Wisdom of Kevin Garnett


AUBURN HILLS, Mich., November 3rd — Celebrated rhetorician Kevin Garnett, whose storied contributions to orature are equaled only by Socrates and Cicero, has once more bestowed his wit and wisdom upon the NBA. Yesterday, Garnett addressed Detroit Pistons forward Charlie Villanueva, at once crystallizing and illuminating his interlocutor's very essence:

Excuse me, good sir!

I am about to insult your manhood. Prepare yourself!

You, sir, are cancerous to your team and our league!

Away with you!

Since Garnett's statement, faithful chroniclers of his luminous verbal insights have entered into the public record numerous sparkling testaments to his lofty station in the pantheon of esteemed orators.

Do you, too, cherish Kevin Garnett's words — and his unparalleled brilliance? Submit your favorite bons mots in the comments below!

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