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Joe Dumars on Rip Hamilton Rumors

Joe Dumars spoke with FanHouse's Tim Povtak on Tuesday about the possibility of Rip Hamilton being traded -- or, as Dumars makes it sound, the lack thereof:

"We don't have anything whatsoever on the table in terms of a trade, or anything even remotely close to a trade, for Rip Hamilton,'' Dumars told FanHouse Tuesday. "Nothing.''

[...] "He wants to win. He understands the situation. He understands we've had an incredibly long run, and we need to revamp,'' Dumars said. "But he has not come to me and said one word (about wanting to be traded). I think he wants to see it get turned around here soon.''

Dumars also sympathized with Hamilton's current plight -- spending the twilight of his career playing for a basement-dweller after having once reached great heights:

Dumars went through the same thing with the Pistons in his playing career. He won NBA titles in 1989 and '90 as part of the Bad Boys, but he stayed long enough to endure seasons of 28 and 20 victories five years later.

"He knows I went through exactly what he's experiencing now, and that helps,'' Dumars said. "It's tough for anyone who has been at the top, and then finds himself not competing at that level. It's tough for any athlete.''

I recommend reading the whole article, but then again, I'm biased.