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Headed to the whoa! Detroit @ Miami game thread

Game Tips at 7:30 p.m. EST

Detroit Pistons: 6-12 (2-8 Road, -4.8 margin)

Miami Heat: 10-8 (8-3 Home, +6.2 Margin)

Oppo Research:

Today's Headlines

Miami is doomed. Everything is the terribelz.

LeBron James and Dwyane cannot co-exist. In fact, they make each other worse. Miami is better when neither is on the court.

Mike MIller was the glue guy. The Heat have become unglued. Mike Miller, de facto MVP.

Erik Spoelstra is the worst coach in the history of sports because LeBron James ran into him.

Tomorrow's headlines

Heat find groove.

James and Wade, perfect companions.

Spoelstra feelng confident as Heat marches on.

74-8? Could happen, says Chris Sheridan.

Keys to the Game:

I should preface this by saying that I am still reeling from the fact that Dwight Howard was a non-factor in the last game, and Detroit still lost by eleven points. Your Detroit Pistons: Leaving the keys in the ignition since 2008.

Stop Wade: The dude is not a shooter. Teams that have forced him to become a shooter have rendered the Miami offense inert.

Don't be complacent: The Heat have had a brutal schedule, and have lost close games. The 10-8 record is an illusion. This is a championship contender, even if they perform as they have to date.

Utilize the wings: Ideally, this would mean playing Austin Daye, but per Keuster's crap-wall-stick style of minutes distribution, that might be a bit straight forward.

Question of the Game:

Isn't it depressing that, if the Pistons pull this one out, the story tomorrow will be Miami's implosion? Seriously, Detroit is now the team that can get coaches fired just by winning.

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