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Drunk and Surly: Recap edition

Last night's win left me speechless. I had a game cap drafted at halftime bemoaning another blown double digit lead, and congratulating Ben Wallace on another three pointer, when reality suddenly took a turn for the better.

So I went and bought a snowblower instead.


Question, can you operate a snowblower while drunk and surly? That sounds like a question for Ron Artest.


So, everyone is happy with the video ads, right? Just checking.


It's funny to read sportswriters as they change their story regarding the Miami Heat. First, the team wasn't clicking, then they were having problems with the coach. Then, it became clear that LeBron James and Dwyane Wade can't play together.

Clicking or not, the team is 18-7 with a point differential in the double digits with LeBron and Wade in the lineup. So they are nominally worse than the mid-90s Chicago Bulls. The only story here is that it is a good idea to put amazing basketball players on your team.


The Spurs are far more interesting. Their 20-3 start is more or less legit, and it isn't the product of impossibly brilliant starts from the big three. Rather, it's based on an impossibly brilliant start from Richard Jefferson...

...but also above average performances from the supporting cast. When assessing teams, we tend to forget that the guys who play in the second quarter, in most respects, have as much impact on the game as the guys who play in the first. Ten minutes of horrendous play from a backup can neutralize 38 minutes of above average play from the starter.

The Spurs aren't giving minutes to anyone who can't, at minimum, hit some three pointers. They have done an outstanding job locating talent to populate the bench, an underrated management skill.

G-Pops has also done a nice job speeding up the pace to take advantage of the Spurs' shooters. Let's face it, Duncan's days as an unstoppable force in the paint are largely over. Allowing him to dictate the pace on a team that would otherwise play uptempo ball doesn't make a lot of sense at this point.

They won't win 70 games, but the Spurs are for real, and look like a big threat to the Laker empire.


Don't look now, but Portland, slated for the 8th seed in the Western Conference, is below .500. There are enough sharks circling the water that it looks they'll be taken down if they don't improve, but the days of the 50 win eight seed might be over in the West.


Overheard at the Timberwolves game in the fourth quarter. "Detroit, where careers go to die!"

The Timberwolves, where careers are dead on arrival.


Does it ever make sense to draft big men? I'm beginning to think not. Hypothesis: There is always a better way to use a draft pick. Discuss.