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That went well: Clippers 109 Pistons 88

Now, let's put this loss in perspective. Okay, right, perspective makes it much worse.

On the heels of a brilliant blowout of the playoff-bound Atlanta Hawks, the Pistons laid an egg against one of the leagues worst teams. The Clippers scored 58 points in the second half, with a true shooting percentage of, like, infinity.

As expected, Detroit had no compelling answer for probable rookie of the year Blake Griffin. Less expected was an 8-13 shooting night from Ryan Gomes. Yes, that Ryan Gomes.



Notable Players

Blake Griffin: I mean, right?

Charlie V: Outside of a horrendous shooting night from beyond the arc, he was quite effective. Cough, cough...

Greg Monroe: Got owned by Griffin, but he's hardly the first. He did enough to demonstrate that he deserves more minutes. Let's get the learning curve out of the way, and see what he can do, yah?

Deciding Factor

Third quarter, Pistons making a game of it, Gomes left open for three. Double digit lead.

Elsewhere in the NBA

Now that the Knicks are playing real basketball, sportswriters everywhere are excitedly reigniting old rivalries. Alas, the Heat destroyed the Knicks on their home court. They are a vastly superior team, it turns out.

Yao is out for the season. His new nickname? "Yao for the Season".

The Mavericks are starting Deshawn Stevenson now. They are 21-5. Does anyone still think Dirk Nowitzki doesn't know how to win?