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Morning Shootaround: The Richard Hamilton distraction

I haven't done a morning shootaround since the last total lunar eclipse on the winter solstice, but I think it's time, what with the 9-19 record and all. I will say, if Richard Hamilton wasn't so darn distracting, we could probably post some layup drills a little more often.

  • Richard Hamilton, distracting?!? Yup, sources told Detroit News' Vincent Goodwill that Rip Hamilton has become a distraction to the team. [insert Red Panda here]. One team source said, "he quit on us." I'm sorry, but how could you not see this storyline (or something remarkably similar) coming? Rip Hamilton just happens to come down with an "upset stomach," the same day Coach John Koostis says he's going to start Ben Gordon (in place of Rip)? My Dad delivered the zingers while we watched the game together: "Upset stomach? I bet it's more like 'upset at coach.'"
  • Will Koostis stick with Gordon or cave to Rip after a single (successful) game? Chris Iott at MLIVE takes the words from my grubby fingertips:
  • The Pistons seem to play better when they are shorthanded, when the players who are in the lineup know they are going to get minutes and can fight their way through the tough stretches without fear that they will be replaced. That seems especially true when it comes to Gordon and Hamilton.

    Who should start? Who should get the majority of the minutes?

    Kuester might have an important decision to make. But it looks to me like he has already made it.
  • Justin Rogers at MLIVE has audio of a Joe Dumars interview with ESPN 96.1 during which Dumars says he'll sit down and have a long talk with Rip if he needs to. He needs to (trade him).
  • Speaking of trades, Joe Dumars told Matt Dery last week that he hopes to be close to a deal. An audio clip on, which was mysteriously removed, revealed Dumars telling Keith Langlois "there's nothing." Dan Feldman at PistonPowered and tads here think Joe Dumars was misleading fans and full of crap, respectively. Dan Feldman has since posted a mea culpa, which I don't think was entirely necessary, but probably a fair move.

    I honestly believe Dumars is hopeful of pulling the trigger on some type of a deal and is trying. I think the "there's nothing," answer to Langlois' question could just as easily suggest there's nothing (imminent?) beyond initial trade talks, as opposed to zero trade discussions whatsoever. Do I think Dumars (or any other GM for that matter) says things to simply appease the fans? I'd guess it's done a whole lot more than we think or are let on, but I don't know if there's enough evidence or context here to insinuate Dumars has been caught being slimy in this instance. If Dumars isn't attempting to make a deal (and people need to understand there are a lot of variables at play, so I'm not too impatient, yet) then please scooch over to make room for me on the JDIAFI wagon.
  • Kuester and Rip lead the NBA in technical fouls.
  • Remember when Jason Maxiell stole it from David West and slam dunk shot it to seal the victory? Yeah, that was awesome:

    More after the jump
  • Dennis Rodman on Bill Laimbeer (via Sports Radio Interviews):
  • "He wasn’t a dick. To other players on other teams, yeah, he was a real asshole. … But it’s cool the way he intimidated people as far as getting into people’s heads. … All the guys on that team got into people’s heads and he was the catalyst of all that."
  • Sunday marked the first time in sports history a city's NFL, NHL and NBA teams all went to overtime on the same day. Ironically, the Wings lost while the Lions and Pistons won. That's just a cool fact.
  • Tragedy struck Willie Green's family. The New Orleans Hornet and former UDM standout lost his sister and cousin in a fatal car accident after the Pistons/Hornets game. DBB's sincerest thoughts go out to their family and friends.
  • On a more upbeat --belated-- note, our own Brgulker has a Pistons blog, Pistons by the Numbers. It's brilliant work (using a lot of the Wins Produced stat) by one of DBB's finest. Check it out and bookmark it.