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Is Garnett "The Canswer"? Celtics at Pistons game thread.

Game Tips at 7:00 p.m. EST

Boston Celtics: 24-5 (11-4 Road)

Detroit Pistons: 10-21 (7-8 Home)

Injury Update: Rodney Stuckey is out. Tracy McGrady is starting in his place.

Oppo Research:

Now that the Celtics are passed their pre-Christmas "destory everyone" phase, and safely in their "everyone's hurt and so we're basically a .500 team until the playoffs" phase, this should be a pretty competitive game.

This time around, Rajon Rondo is the hobbled player, which should prove deleterious to Boston's perimeter game. The Celtics will rely on Nate Robinson to carry the load at point guard, not that he isn't capable of parsing Detroit's wimpy defense.

With Boston entering the tail end of a back-to-back, the Celtics are likely to use Shaquille O'Neal sparingly, if at all. That's a positive, since he has been extremely effective in limited minutes. He has been the reason Boston has been able to thrive in the absence of Kendrick Perkins.

Well, that, and Garnett, Pierce and Allen. Allen, in particular, has rebounded from a poor shooting year last season, but all three have been much improved so far.

Keys to the Game:

Throw some big guys out there: In particular, I'd be curious to know whether Wilcox's performance was a fluke. Truth be told, he hasn't been given much of an opportunity to prove himself on a team desperate for frontcourt scoring.

Guard the pick and foul: The Pistons have been destroyed by even nominally complicated offensive schemes. Watch the tape. Anticipate. Seriously.

Avoid the lulls: To be honest, I think the Pistons can hang in this one for the most part. They might well take the lead. But a three minute lapse against this defense will result in a 12-0 run in a hurry.

Question of the game:

I saw KG tweet something about Charlie V.'s mom. Is CV just gonna take that?

You know you want to: