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Playoff implications abound... Cavaliers @ Pistons game thread

Game Tips at 6:00 P.M. EST

Cleveland Cavaliers: 7 - 12 (3-6 road, -8.1 margin)

Detroit Pistons: 6 - 14 (4 - 5 home, -6.3 margin)

Oppo Research:

I can't kick the feeling that, in some ways, this rivalry just isn't as compelling as it once was. Anyone else get that vibe? Maybe, it's just me.

Actually, this is about has hot as Central Division rivalries get these days. The Cavaliers bring a dual-pronged attack of Mo' Williams and Boobie Gibson, both of whom shoot lot's of three pointers with nominal efficiency. Their most effective player has been Ryan Hollins. They are fresh off being destroyed by the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Nobody on the Cavaliers plays more than thirty minutes per game (though Byron Scott played Jawad Williams for 35 minutes last night, rewarding him for a 4-14 shooting effort), and the same goes for the Pistons. So everybody should be looking fresh.

Keys to the Game:

Don't find a way to lose: Seriously. Cleveland's record does not present a full picture of how lousy this team is. If the Pistons are going to claw their way to 34 games (and an eight seed?), they need to string together some wins during this soft patch in the schedule.

Exploit the frontcourt: One of the under-reported stories is just how thin the Cavs front line is.

Don't let the guards get hot: There is no excuse for leaving Boobie open from behind the three point line.

Question of the Game:

Seriously, explain these rotations to me. Wait, that wasn't a question. Let me try again. These rotations are inexplicable. Wait... Hold on. WHYYYYY?

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