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Reasons to Get Drunk and Surly Tonight

No action today. Or, as the NBA calls it, All-Star Saturday


To the degree that the NBA owners make any concessions in negotiations, these ought to be accompanied by a binding commitment by selected players to participate in all-star Saturday. Everything that could be said about the dunk competition is already assumed, but how about that HORSE showdown? Yuck.

Omri Casspi should not have anything to do with anything. The NBA understands this now. What it should also understand is that the TNT trio is compelling in small doses. It took half an hour to get off, what, six shots? The whole thing was excruciating, which is a shame since it has the potential to be a headliner event. Pick three great players and just let 'em do their thing? I don't need Charles Barkeley going meta. Really, I don't.


I swear, nothing does more to make me hate sick kids than all-star weekend. I don't really mean that, but consider the action/consequence alignment here.

Action: NBA players tote guns, do drugs, get women pregnant, and generally behave like children.

Consequence: NBA fans have to endure endless public service announcements during every damn game.

How is this fair? I love this sport in spite of the off-court vagaries of the players involved. Please do not insult me by forcing me to watch the repeated, ham-fisted attempts at whitewashing them.


Thank goodness the All-Star game was halfway interesting. I think I speak for everyone when I say its more fun to see semi-creative moves leading to baskets than it is to watch off-the-backboard alleyoops leading to turnovers.

That said, I was amused by LeBron's near sabotaging of the East's chances in a desperate attempt to win MVP. His fourth quarter performance was embarrassing. The only way Wade was going to get the ball was to steal it from another player, which he did.


Hamilton for Dampier talks seem to be heating up. By the way, I find the story about Jason Terry being willing to return to the bench a bit suspicious. He has only started 12 games this year, so why put this out there, if not to bolster the Mavs position for a future trade?


The Stoudemire to the Cavaliers talks are ridiculous. Other teams are amping up their offers, but part of me wonders if this is another Gasol to the Lakers scenario where ownership is content just to help a big-name team get to the championship. It reminds me of the middle-aged guy who gets arrested buying vodka for the cute 19 year old. Just because she's paying attention to you, it doesn't mean she likes you.


Speaking of LeBron James, it will be amusing to watch sportswriters find reasons why he should not be MVP. Believe me, it will happen. He's the best player in the league. In the minds of some idiots, that disqualifies him.


That's all from me. I'm sipping a glass of Rancho Zabaca Zin. How about you?