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Taking it to Mickey: Detroit @ Orlando

Game Tips at 7:00 pm ET

Detroit Pistons 19-33 (6-18 road)
Orlando Magic 36-18 (20-5 home)

Oppo Research

Increasingly, it seems that Dwight Howard is doing everything for the Magic. He already leads the team in points, rebounds, blocks steals, and FG%.

That said, this team still has plenty of weapons. Vince Carter has shown that he is still capable of a 40+ point explosion. They still have a cadre of three point shooters to punish teams for over-emphasizing Dwight Howard.

But something seems a bit different. The fear that exchanging Hedo for Vince might disrupt chemistry seem to have some validity, though the bigger problem for Orlando has been the disappearance of Jameer Nelson. In one season, he has gone from all-star to mediocrity. His seasonal performances have been all over the map throughout his career, which can't be confidence inducing for a team that fully expects to compete for a championship.

Keys for Detroit

Ball movement -- The Pistons racked up 34 assists against the T-Wolves last night. That's the sort of thing that helps open up the dribble penetration game. More of that, please.

Send Dwight to the Line -- Howard shoots 60% from the field, and 60% from the line. At worst, you break even when you foul him.

Back down the guards - Rip Hamilton should be available to post up, as should Stuckey. I'd love to see Detroit use its size instead of trying to plunge into a clogged lane.

Question of the Game

Is Detroit still the achilles heel of the Magic?

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