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The Buck Wins Here: Bucks Beat Pistons

What Happened:

The Pistons were defeated in spite of a 1-13 performance from Brandon Jennings. Again, the inability to hit from long range cost Detroit, though an uncharacteristic failure to rebound factored in as well.

The Good:

Hamilton and Prince, who had been the subject of no end of trade rumors, stepped up to deliver a mighty offensive performance. They scored 41 of Detroit's 85 points, while playing some very efficient basketball.

The Bad:

Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva managed six points on 2-10 shooting in 38 minutes. Way to earn the contracts, guys.

The David Greenwood Unsung Hero :

Jonas Jerebko had one of his brutally efficient nights, grabbing four rebounds to go with his 12 points, on 6-7 shooting, in just 27 minutes.

The Takeaway:

At what point do we surrender our egos and hope for this team to tank? Now, I say.