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How low can we go? Pistons @ Nets

Game tips at 7:30 pm ET

Detroit Pistons: 15-31 (4-17 road, -5.3 margin)

New Jersey Nets: 4-42 (3-19 road, -12.0 margin)

Oppo Research

Joe Dumars recently expressed concern that he doesn't know what he has in this team. With two games this week against the Nets, he should have a better idea. Is this a young core that needs to come together, or a bottom of the barrel lottery squad in need of dymanite.

If Vegas is in any guide, it's the latter. This morning, the line on this game was nearly even (it has since moved to -3). People looked at a road matchup with one of the worst teams in the history of the league, and called it a pick 'em. Meanwhile, the Grizzlies are 4.5 to 1 dogs against the Cavaliers. Think about how things have changed in three seasons.

As for the Nets, the writers are using terms like "they're playing better defense lately". That's about all there is to say. Brook Lopez has shown a lot of promise on the offensive end, and Devin Harris returns from injury, so there is some semblance of a team here. But when Chris Douglas-Roberts is your third option on offense, you're just a bad team.

Pistons Retro Moment


Keys for Detroit

Get Gordon going - At a certain point, we have to feature him in the offense.

Feed it to Charlie V. inside - I've got a feeling I can just cut and paste this one for the rest of the season.

Stop Courtney Lee - I could just see him randomly owning us for 30 tonight.

Question of the Game
Can Jerebko keep it up? He showed some offensive spunk the other night, and heaven knows we could use some.

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