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Still Rooting for Detroit: Pistons @ Warriors

Game Tips at 10:30 pm ET

Detroit Pistons: 21-37 (7-21 road)
Golden State Warriors: 16-41 (12-18 home)

Oppo Research

I should probably begin by noting that I don't want the Pistons to tank. I think the team should try as hard as it can, for reasons tangible (we still need to know what this team can do when healthy) and intangible (tanking is for douchebags). And I am certainly hoping they beat the Warriors. I hate the Warriors.

First of all, I hate Monta Ellis. How many players can score 27 ppg while making their team substantially worse. The dude is like Allen Iverson on meth. When Ellis was injured, I literally bet the Warriors every game. They didn't disappoint.

Second, I hate Don Nelson. He gets a lot of credit for generally having managed good squads, for doing some great work in the early 80s, and for getting inside Avery Johnson's head that one year. What he is doing this year, however, is a disgrace. His arbitrary lineups have sank this team. Not only are the Warriors bad, but they are unable to assess the young talent they have because of Nelson's stupid carrot and stick routine.

Third, I hate the management. They turned down a trade that would have landed them OJ Mayo for Ellis. That's insane. Mayo is a sharp shooter, who is only 22, and makes less than half of what Ellis makes. If Mayo makes no improvement (and given his shooting numbers, he is likely to improve) he is a better value. Plus, they could have landed Thabeet. Oh, and Nelson continues to coach. Ugh.

Keys for Detroit

Let Ellis shoot -- Let him have his game. Actually, the Warriors have some real weapons. Deny them.

Wait for the second wind -- I was watching the 500 meter fast track speed skating last night. The entire premise of that race is knowing when to strike. You can go from last to first in less than a second. I honestly think this is an inferior team. The Pistons might be tired, but if they make the right moves, they can certainly win this one.

Play Daye - I mean, half the Warriors team is Austin Daye. He should be in there for matchup reasons alone.

Question of the Game

Can this team still gut out a victory? This is the fourth game in five days, and the eighth game in twelve.

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