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Fist-fight in the sewer, Nets @ Pistons

Game tips at 7:30 pm ET

Detroit Pistons: 16-32 (11-14 road, -5.6 margin)

New Jersey Nets: 4-45 (3-19 road, -11.7 margin)

Oppo Research

They're back, and now there is reason to worry. The Pistons were scarcely able to dispense with the lowly Nets on the road, yielding a ridiculous 24 points and 14 assists to Devin Harris. Now they are playing on the end of a back-to-back, which began with a humiliating drubbing by the Pacers.

If the Pistons can't stop Harris, then suddenly the Nets offense looks downright potent. Brook Lopez had 27 points to go with his seven rebounds, and only a horrendous night from Yi Jianlian allowed the Pistons to escape with a victory.

Nonetheless, this is still a team that is giving heavy minutes to a number of players who don't belong in the league. There really is no excuse for dropping a game at home to the worst team of all time when that team is play its fourth game in five days.

Pistons Retro Moment

I don't remember this game, or know why Nets fans were so geeked up over it, but it's nice to see the old team back together.

Keys for Detroit

More Ben Gordon - It appears that he's better, and if he's producing, he should get all the minutes he wants.

Feed it to Charlie V. inside - I've got a feeling I can just cut and paste this one for the rest of the season.

Stop Chris Douglas-Roberts - I could just see him randomly owning us for 30 tonight.

Question of the Game
Will we ever get back to full strength? The Pistons were desperate for front-court offense in the absence of Charlie V. Can anyone step up, here?

Valuable Links

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