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Colts vs. Saints: Super Bowl XLIV [Open Threads]


Add today's game face to the collage of Manning Face, but will Peyton add a second Super Bowl to his resume? All the 'experts' seem to think it's the Colts' game to lose.

If you are feeling chatty during tonight's Super Bowl, there's a plethora of open threads.

SB Nation is holding the grand open thread for all -- here.

If that is too crowded for you, then you have other options:

  • The Colts blogger here at SB Nation, BigBlueShoe, is credentialed and at the game. If you feel like mingling with the Colts fans you can go to Stampede Blue.
  • The Saints blogger, Dave, is also in Miami. If you're pulling for the Saints and want to discuss along with their fans, you can join the chatter at Canal Street Chronicles.
  • Of course, you can always stay here and use this as your open thread for the game (or anything you'd like really -- Robocop, Puppy Bowl, Erin Brockovich, etc). The choice is yours.

    I'm going Saints, who do you got?