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Breaking the Jinx: Jazz @ Pistons

Game Tips at 7:30 EST on NBA TV

Detroit Pistons: 22-41 (15-17 home)

Utah Jazz: 41-22 (16-14 Road)

Oppo Research

For five years the Jazz have been the bane of the Pistons' existence. In spite of numerous close calls, including three OT losses and two more losses of two points or fewer, Utah has managed to foil Detroit squads both big and small.
How have they done it? Blind luck. Small sample size. Recent mediocrity aside, there is no reason to believe that the Jazz are particularly well suited to emerge victorious.
That said, Utah is healthy, dangerous, and red hot. The team ranks 2nd in John Hollinger's power rankings. They have also been less foul-prone and more offensively efficient (shooting 49% from the field as a team) than usual.
The Drama
Detroit ended it's losing streak on Sunday against the Rockets. Can they end their losing streak against Utah.

Keys for Detroit

Stay alert -- The Jazz are +16.6 in the second half of their last five games. Clearly, they are feeling some fresh legs, so it will be important for Coach Kuester to keep the team from melting down, which has been a problem in this matchup

Let Bynum run the point -- We need Stuckey back, but Bynum is the best pure point on the team, and Detroit can take advantage.

Play Daye - Part of keeping fresh legs on the court means avoiding the temptation to keep the top of the rotation in the game.

Question of the Game

Has Maxiell been eating babies again? He seems to have found his mojo over the last few games, which shouldn't surprise anyone.

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