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Just be glad they aren't the Caps: Wizards @ Pistons

Game Tips at 8:00 EST

Detroit Pistons: 22-42 (15-18 home)

Washington Wizards: 21-41 (9-20 road)

Oppo Research

The Wizards are in future mode, having unloaded Antawn Jamison, Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood and with Agent Six on ice so he doesn't kill any teammates. That means they have had the chance to play their young guys, something they should have done a long time ago.
And they have responded to the challenge. The mercurial Andray Blatche is averaging a Jamison-like 20 and 8 over the last five games, while JaVale McGee is adding 2.4 blocks to his 13 and 7 in just 29 minutes per game. Unfortunately, Blatche turns the ball over at least four times per game, nullifying most of the positive things he does on the court
That said, this guard rotation was built around a guy who was supposed to need the ball 40 minutes per game. In his absence, the Wizards have had to make due with Randy Foye and Mike Miller, who combine for just 20 points per game. Miller, in particular, doesn't handle being the man very well. The 51% three point shooter has missed 10 of his last thirteen.
The Drama
Arenas is one false move from the Artestosphere. I could see him somehow rigging a hot air balloon, and flying into the Palace wearing a top hat hurling diseased opossums at fans.

Keys for Detroit

Mind the frontcourt -- Blatche may be turnover prone, but he can put up big numbers in a hurry. If the Pistons can make Foye and Miller the primary weapons, it will be smooth sailing,

Get something going early -- This is a game the Pistons can win rather handily. It's also a game they could lose. Get it over with in the first half, and then...

Play Daye - I'm going to cut and paste this for the rest of the season.

Question of the Game

Where are the reserves? Ben Gordon, in particular, has virtually disappeared after returning from injury.

Valuable Links

Go get shot at Bullets Forever.