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Wait, I'm Trying to Calculate the Score: Celtics 119, Pistons 93


Just when I was starting to pity the Celtics a little for being in a worse position than the 2007-2008 Pistons and not having the slightest clue, they go and do something like this. As Other Matt alluded to in the comments, I'm not sure which was worse: the off-the-backboard, alley oop with the gratuitous hang time or KG celebrating it like he had never seen Nate Robinson dunk before (hint: it was definitely worse than Bynum's 20th assist the other night -- and I'd believe that if it was reversed). As if the Celtics needed to embarrass the Pistons any more than they did tonight.

But there is actually the dimmest of bright sides. All three Pistons rookies played well, especially the oft forgotten DaJuan Summers. He was one of the only Pistons that played competent basketball, some against the C's starters even. He finished with 12 points on 4-5 shooting (2-2 from downtown) in just under 19 minutes. Austin Daye contributed by hitting all three of his shots and blocking two shots in 22 minutes (he had five turnovers, though). Jerebko wasn't his same ol' self (his shoulder might be bothering him since it was patched up), but he was still hustling and solid. He finished with 10 points and three steals in just 21 minutes.

Another plus is we don't have to wallow in this one for too long -- in roughly 20 hours we get to see the Pistons play the Cavs. Matt will have his take in the AM.