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NCAA Who? Pistons @ Pacers

The biggest news tonight is that Rodney Stuckey will be returning from his confounding bout with dizziness. Ben Wallace might be back as well, so the Pistons will be at full strength.

Game Tips at 7:00 EST

Detroit Pistons: 23-45 (7-26 road)

Indiana Pacers: 22-46 (7-30 away)

Oppo Research

All of the hoops mania of the last two days was leading up to this, an epic matchup between the NBA's 25th and 26th best teams.

It looks as though the Pacers will be without their best player. Danny Granger has done some damage against Detroit, but now that only damage done is to his face. Nothing like a good old face injury.

The Drama
I would pay any amount of money to see Josh McRoberts fly into the stands and deck a guy. Outside of that, there's not much here to avert one's eyes from the tournament.

Keys for Detroit

No spin moves for Stuckey -- Bad idea.

Don't use iPhones to watch the tourney -- Looking at you, Charlie V.

Play Daye - I'm going to cut and paste this for the rest of the season.

Question of the Game

Are the Pistons really going to push Stuckey and Big Ben? I mean, is it really worth something career threatening to play out these games?

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