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I've seen this show before: Pistons @ Cavaliers

Game Tips at 6:00 EST

Detroit Pistons: 23-46 (7-27 away)

Cleveland Cavaliers: 55-15 (30-4 home)

Oppo Research

We've all had the chance to do plenty of oppo research on the Cavs this year. Thanks to a sterling record, and some guy who seems to be pretty well known to sports fans, they've been all over national TV.

This is the kind of game great teams will sometimes drop toward the end of the season. The Cavaliers have little to play for, save a six game winning steak. That said, they are starting to have that look of invincibility. They are now 40-8 since a December 9th loss at Houston.

Peripheral considerations aside, stopping LeBron and Co. at home will be nearly impossible. Their two losses at home over the last three months have been by a combined five points, and both to playoff teams.

Keys for Detroit

Get out to a fast start -- If the Pistons can get out to an early lead, the Cavs will be stuck trying to find time to rest the starters.

Get to the glass -- The Pistons were once among the league leaders in rebounding, but have slipped off recently, not least of which because Ben Wallace has been hobbled.

Play Daye - I'm going to cut and paste this for the rest of the season. If this game gets out of hand, I want to see some Austin Daye.

Question of the Game

Can Detroit keep it close? Can Will Bynum Farokhmanesh the Cavs?

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