Once again, it's March Madness. And that means another round of "Who wants to be a Piston?" It's very simple (and I'm sure if you wanted, the more drunk and surly among you can turn this into a drinking game of some sort).

If you see someone in the NCAA tournament that plays with toughness, a commitment to defense and doesn't suck. You simply designate that "(so-and so) wants to be a Piston."

For example, this post from BONEY, a year ago: "Taj Gibson really wants to be a Piston right now." Sometimes you open yourself up to embarrassment (a few years back, I was all "Corey Brewer really wants to be a frickin' Piston!!!"), but overall, it's a fun way for an NBA lover to eek some enjoyment out of watching zone defenses and 6'7" centers.

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