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Morning Shootaround: The Snuggie Edition

It's Friday and the Pistons will be nationally televised tonight on ESPN against (gulp) the best team with the best record in the NBA. While LeBron has the ability to make any team look completely lost, I dread the fact that the whole nation (that enjoys the league on a Friday night) is going to get a front row seat to poke fun at our beloved disappointing squad.

The bright side? The Cavs have preemptively softened the blow and given us material to deflect attention from what might come of the game by going forward with the world's lamest promotional event -- trying to set the record for the largest gathering of people wearing fleece blankets. IF LeBron leaves Cleveland after this season, I hope he cites this little gag as, like, reason number two (reason number one, of course, being that Cleveland does not actually rock).

Go Pistons.

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Open thread it up until someone posts the game preview this evening. Have a good/safe weekend, everyone.