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Which Houston Rocket Will be Best Dressed? Rockets @ Pistons

Game Tips at 6:00 EST

Detroit Pistons: 21-41 (14-17 home)

Team MIT: 31-30 (14-16)

Meryl Streep: In her 60s and still FABULOUUUUS!

Oppo Research

Wanna read something depressing? Read this Henry Abbott interview with Dean Oliver, the Denver Nuggets; resident dork. Money quote:
Just a couple of weeks ago, I looked at teams that have stats people integrated into the decision process. (Boston, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Oklahoma City, Portland and I may have included Orlando -- I’m not certain what they do exactly.) It was seven or eight teams. They had won 60% of their games, and that’s counting Houston, which has only won half their games because they’re missing Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady wasn’t playing.
The remainder of the teams managed to win only 40% of their games. It certainly goes a long way toward explaining the apparent diminution of Joe D's decision making. It's not Joe that's changed. It's the game.
Which brings us to Houston, which remains above .500 in spite of losing its two best (and most expensive) players. By picking up Kevin Martin at the trade deadline, along with a host of other assets, the team has cemented it's status as a future championship contender.
The Drama
I think we've had enough drama the last few days.

Keys for Detroit

Keep Martin off the free throw line -- He has had some unprecedented success getting to the stripe, and has converted 93% of his opportunities once he gets there. He's hardly a shaky three point shooter, but laying off him is the lesser of two evils.

Move past Stuckey's health issues -- I could easily see this being one of those games where Houston gets out to a 20-8 lead. Daryl Morey can tell you exactly how that impacts your likelihood of winning the game.

Play Daye - Especially with Stuckey out, we're going to need some backcourt minutes.

Question of the Game

Will Sandra Bullock win her first Oscar? Or can Streep's momentum carry her across the finish line? Can anyone stop Avatar, or will James Cameron be king of the world once again? And who's going to shine on the red carpet?

Valuable Links

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