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Morning Shootaround: No Updates on Stuckey, Fresh Prince, and Bynum Takes Advantage of Starts

The Basketball Jones is back, so in honor of that: Good morning, sweet world.

If you're like me, you're constantly checking for good news on the Rodney Stuckey health front. Unfortunately, there are no new updates (but that's not necessarily a bad thing, either):

There's been no update on Rodney Stuckey , who collapsed against the Cavaliers on Friday. He was scheduled for more tests Monday and today.

Kuester said the team expected to know more about Stuckey within the next few days.

Meanwhile, Tayshaun Prince attributes his success of late to finally being healthy:

"It feels good to be healthy," Prince said. "It took a long time. It just feels good. [...]

[...] "Once all that stuff goes away, you feel there's no issue and you're kind of getting back to your normal self," he said. "It kind of took a while to be in a position where anything I could do, it doesn't bother me."

His field goal percentage is the best its been since 2004-2005. While his per game statistics have dropped off from recent seasons, Prince's PER36 numbers are right around his career averages. If he remains healthy for the rest of the season, it might be safe to say that his trade value didn't take much of a hit this season at all (assuming his expiring deal in 2011 might possibly cancel out any lingering injury concerns).

  • Will Bynum has been strong in the starting role. He's only started two games (both wins) in his short NBA career, but 17 points on 50% shooting, 8.5 assists, and 3.5 rebounds per game (in roughly 42 minutes) is strong-to-quite strong. It's unfortunate his second start came as a result of Stuckey's health issue, but should Stuckey return this season Bynum could still continue to see starts if Stuckey is forced into a limited role. Bynum's performance, of course, could help make the decision that much easier. After all, the Bynum over Stuckey debate has been more than glossed over here at DBB, and as recently as this past November. And Bynum's not hiding the fact that starting is much easier for him:
    "Because I'm able to get guys in the right position and get guys the ball where they want the ball. I'm able to control the game because I know I'm going to get a lot of minutes, so I'm able to pick and choose when to be aggressive."
  • The Pistons have lost 113 games due to injuries this season. [MLIVE]
  • John Kuester is like any other man: he enjoys March Madness.
Discuss, open thread it, and stuff. Pistons host the Jazz, who they haven't defeated since March 2005, on Wednesday.