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The Artist Formerly Known as the Detroit Pistons @ Bobcats

Suddenly, the Pistons are playing their best ball of the season. Tonight, they put their new-found competence to the test against one of the best home teams in the Eastern Conference.

The match-up inspired this bit of wisdom from the game previewers at ESPN.

Charlotte didn't get any help from Detroit in its bid to move up in the Eastern Conference. Now, the Bobcats will try to take out their frustrations on the lottery-bound Pistons on Saturday night.

The Pistons may not be tanking, but the good folks at ESPN seem to be calling it a season.

For my money, Larry Brown should get the Coach of the Year award for what he has done this year in Charlotte. The Bobcats are playing the best defense in the league, and en route to their first playoff birth.

For the first time in awhile, we might have a fun game to watch. Who is going to play? Who is going to show up? Can Ben Gordon randomly crack 40 points against the best defense in the league? Will Kuester arbitrarily limit Austin Daye's minutes again?

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