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Now Charlie Villanueva is Taking His Frustrations Out on Twitter

These just popped up on my Twitter feed from Charlie Villanueva:

This has been a very fustrating year, it just only got worse 2day, I have never experienced, in my 5 years, what I have experience this year

And shorty after, following a number of questions from fans, he posted this:

Let's put it like this, I rather not say anything cause I don't want to get fined

Your guess is as good as mine as to what happened, but I think we all have a pretty good idea what this is about. CV was surprised and openly upset about receiving his first DNP-CD since 2008 last Wednesday against the Heat. After making statements to the media that he'd like to play, he was granted his wish, but has scored just 14 points on 6-22 shooting in the two games since the benching.

Presumably because he was playing again, things seemed to be better for a few days, at least on the surface. He posted a picture of him laughing with Austin Daye on Twitter on Saturday, and after the Hawks game, he even distracted reporters from Pistons' talk by expressing his displeasure with the NCAA's idea to expand the tournament. Maybe he was holding something in and it boiled over, or perhaps something new triggered these messages.

Maybe he was simply told he won't be playing tonight tomorrow night in Philly, which would be fine with me since it would mean more time for the rookies. Like I said, your guess is as good as mine. Stay tuned, though.