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Detroit Pistons Media Roundtable: Part One

Dan Feldman of, the Detroit Pistons affiliate of ESPN's TrueHoop blog network, has invited a hefty cross-section of the Detroit Pistons media to take part in a Q&A roundtable. Kevin Sawyer, Brian Packey and yours truly joined a long list of names from sources like the Free Press, MLive and the Oakland Press, as well as blogs like Need4Sheed, FullCourtPress and... TrueBluePistons.

Sadly, Mitch Albom didn't make it this year, but in his honor and esteem I shall now use a paragraph break and fractured sentence for dramatic effect.

Dramatic indeed.

Part one of the Detroit Pistons Roundtable is up, as the panel answers the question: "How good would the Pistons have been this season if they weren’t hit with so many injuries?" See if you can spot the lone pessimist... [link]