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But What About the Lottery Balls: Pistons 124, Sixers 103

Everything was going according to plan.

The Pistons were making some games interesting, and others not, but most importantly were on their way to closing out this mega-miserable season on an epic 17-game losing streak to all but solidify enough ping pong balls for a top three pick in this June's draft. Fans had officially become numb to all the losses, starting to re-think mass suicide (maybe), and suddenly hopeful that the Pistons were, for once, doing something right this season.

Alas, something went terribly awry, though.

Somewhere along the way, amongst missed flights, Twit-therapy, words of wisdom, and punted basketballs, the Pistons found some life for their Tuesday night game against the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Pistons ill-advisedly shot 63% from the field (47% from downtown!) and had seven players score in double figures en route to a crushing 124-103 win. Instead of being tied for the third worst record in the NBA with the Warriors (136-137 lottery combinations), the Pistons now find themselves tied for the fourth fifth worst record with the Wizards and Kings (90 75-76 lottery combinations). Further, the loss for the 76ers means that they are within striking distance, now just two games behind the Pistons.


In all seriousness, it was great to see the Pistons show that they haven't forgotten how to win. If the Pistons were capable of playing like this every night, I don't think we'd all be so depressed as a result of this season. Sadly, I think this was simply a case of the Pistons caring way more than the 76ers do at this point.

Some Box Score notes:

  • Ben Wallace was a monster tonight, racking up 18 points and six rebounds in 24+ minutes (27 points and nine rebounds per 36).
  • CV31 walked the tweet and scored 25 points in 23 minutes (roughly 38 points per 36)
  • Austin Daye had nine and nine in 22 minutes.
  • I wish there would have been more minutes for Summers, but one can't really complain when everyone else was en fuego.
  • Stuckey was elbowed in the ribs during the game and appeared to be seriously hurt, again. He sank his free throw and left for X-rays, but returned to finish the game when those X-rays came up negative. Boss.