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Great Timing - Pistons 90, Hawks 88

Last night's win was impressive. Second night of a back to back, against a potential three seed in the East. It wasn't impressive so much for what the Pistons accomplished (not losing to a team that was playing like it wants to play the Cavs four times in May), but for, well, consider...

The loss single-handedly jettisons the Pistons from a tie for 3rd to 6th in the lottery standings, with the potential to drop to 8th.

The Pistons made all sixteen of their free throws. Odds of that happening, given the shooters involved: 528 to 1.

The Hawks, on the other hand, shot 14-23, or 61%.

The Hawks also managed to shoot 2-17 from three point range, while Detroit, the worst three point shooting team in the league, managed six makes in just 14 attempts. Jamal Crawford had his worst three point shooting night in more than two years.

Al-Farouq Aminu has always felt like destiny, though hasn't he?