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Hittin' the Links: Pre-Lottery Mock Drafts, Scouting Reports, and the Pursuit of Frontcourt Happiness

Nearly a week until the Western Conference Finals start, but it's a good thing the Cavs/Celtics are keeping us on the edge of our seats. If only there was a way for both of them to lose at the same time...double-sun power. Anyway, let me tee up some links for you.

  • It doesn't make much sense to talk Mock Drafts until the lottery has taken place, and everyone is seeded, but Scott Schroeder at Ridiculous Upside has put quality time into not one, but two different mock drafts. He has the Pistons slotted at the 7th spot, naturally, and picking North Carolina's Ed Davis in both mocks.
  • Ed Davis is 3-3 in Pistons' mock drafts right now (the ESPN mock linked yesterday and the aforementioned), so it's not the worst idea to link a thorough scouting report on the dude. Jordan Sams at Liberty Ballers, SB Nation's 76ers blog, has done a great job putting together scouting reports on a number of players, and because the Pistons are virtually in the same spot as the 76ers right now, it's pretty relevant.
  • If, by the 5.2% chance, the Pistons win the lottery and earn the right to select No. 1 overall, Vince Ellis says, "indications are they would pick Kentucky point guard John Wall." I've seen the debate in the comments here, so for what it's worth, Ellis says that Wall has the potential to be better than Derrick Rose, who he often is compared to.
  • Mike Payne dunked on KG with the "Changing of the Guards" two part series, and now Thom_not_Tom has put together an epic piece in the FanPosts, laying out some of the big men options for the Pistons this off-season. My guess is that this post will wind up on the front page -- sooner, rather than later -- but it's worth pointing out here until it's properly relocated.
  • The Freep posted this piece from a reader claiming the Pistons need a hungry veteran. I can't really argue with the main basis of the post, but I, um, do disagree with the two options presented to fill that role -- T.J. Ford & Grant Hill. Even if they were worth a look, and they're not, T.J. Ford exercised his option for next season, so he's not a free agent. Grant Hill also said he won't opt out of his contract this summer and would like to retire in Phoenix.
  • The lottery is a week from tonight.
  • Random videos after the jump to keep things relatively loose.

...and one more because he's the yo-yo guy.