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Lucky #7?

The dream is over. After enduring a lousy season, we were subjected to a meaningless winning streak at the end. This is the result. It could have been worse, but does that make you feel any better?

Fair enough. I now expect the intensity the Pistons showed at the beginning and (especially) end of the last season.

I also expect Joe Dumars to make an intelligent decision with this draft pick. Not looking for a gut move here. Not interested in a "Dumars has a look on his face like he knows something everyone else doesn't" type joint. Just the best player available.

So, who is that? By my lights, Aminu isn't a bad choice. Instant rebounding, possible growth in other areas. I'll take it. He's not Cousins, but I'd be happy to call him my cousin.

Let's get drunk and surly.