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Joe Dumars Didn't See Grit and Toughness Last Year; Wants Grit and Toughness Next Year

This morning Joe Dumars had his annual post-season press conference with the media to discuss last season and the future of our beloved Detroit Pistons. It was nothing too out of the ordinary: he didn't like last season and he wants Detroit to get back to playing vintage Pistons basketball.


"We didn't play with the same grit and toughness that we played with over the past 10 years," Dumars said. "That's the whole focus right now for us is to get back to the grit and toughness that's identified us for the past decade."

"What I didn't like was the way that we played this year," he said. "What I didn't like was the lack of toughness we had. What I didn't like was the grit that we didn't show this year. All those things bothered me just as much as the losses themselves, just the way we lost."

Dumars repeated himself so much that it would have forced one of you to post a picture of a dead horse getting pummeled by the "Office Space" guys:

At one point Dumars said, "I know I'm beating a dead horse."

As we'd expect the GM to say, losing was a learning experience and has Dumars realizing now, more than ever, that the Pistons need to get back to their roots:

"You just don’t learn from winning. You learn from losing as well. And what we’ve learned is that we’re more committed now than ever before to maintain our core values and not get away from that and not have the type of slippage that you saw this year."

Like most of us, he has second guessed himself about last summer's free agent signings, but he also believes they will be better next year:

"I wish we could have gotten more out of them this year," Dumars said. "They were two guys that got hurt and were out for a little bit, coming to a new team, trying to learn a new system. I think both of them will be better this year, I really do. I think they both went through an experience this year, coming into a new situation, trying to fit in and fighting injuries and so on. I expect both of them to be better this year."

Ultimately, I don't think we learn anything new from this press conference. He said he's still open to anything, but perhaps the biggest hint of his current thought process was what he said about watching this year's playoffs (in reference to questions about Tayshaun Prince and Richard Hamilton):

"All of those teams have older vets and kept them around, but put the right pieces around them,"

In the end, we're basically back to where we were yesterday - speculation city and we're the Mayor.

UPDATE: If you want to watch a 5 minute clip of his press conference, you can do so here.