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Hittin' the Links: CV for Three, Dumars on Tanking, and Giving 'Do As I Say, Not As I Do' Advice

Go Magic?

  • Charlie Villanueva is a former No. 7 overall draft pick and in the past he's offered his advice to the Pistons about what they should do with the pick. A fan asked him what the Pistons should do and CV gave his two cents:
  • Regarding the NBA Draft, the Pistons need to take the best player available bottom line regardless of position.
  • One of the first questions in Dumars' presser on Tuesday referred to Charlie Villanueva as "soft." Dumars quickly said, "Charlie won't like you calling him soft," but went on to make a lot of not-so-subtle references to specific players being as such. Pretty much everyone picked up on it and it didn't stop all the talk about CV being, you know, soft .

    When Villanueva said he'd answer some questions after the Celtics/Magic game, I decided to ask for his thoughts on the reporter that had the brass to call out his toughness. Here's what he replied :
  • LOL. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It's interesting how the folks that are not on the court have the most to say. Hmmm
  • Everyone is definitely entitled to their opinion, but CV's listening and knows what he has to do to change opinions. In another one of his answers, about an hour later, he let a fan know that he's been hittin' the weights:
    I've been in the gym heavy since mid May, I'm taking some vacation time soon, like a week off, but then I'm back at it.
  • For those keeping track of their reps at home, mid-May was like 10 days ago. I highly recommend P90X by the way. It's awesome. I could probably do 1,000 word posts now.
    OK, more links not directly related to Villanueva after the jump.
  • In case you didn't know, the Pistons did not tank. Dumars, of course, was diplomatic when answering the questions about tanking. With some of his quotes he dances around the idea that tanking would have been better for the team, but obviously, he can't admit he preferred to lose games down the stretch. This is probably the best quote to dispel any "Dumars clearly wanted his team to tank" notions:
  • "It is impossible to feel good about losing. It's impossible to feel good about losing. I understand that maybe from a fan and media perspective, 'Oh, just lose games.' Your mind can't even get around that. Even down the stretch when we were way out of it, you feel better leaving the arena after you won a game as opposed to losing a game, because at that point you're not looking at standings and trying to figure out where you are, because you know what, you have to go through a lottery anyway.
  • Yesterday, the city of Detroit lost a legend, Steve Yzerman, to Bill Davidson's old organization. Freep blogger, Jamie Samuelsen, asked Dumars if he had any word to the wise for Yzerman and his new journey as a GM. He gave Yzerman advice he should be following:
  • He said that Yzerman has to fill his roster with players who share his philosophy. It is vital to make sure that all players are fighting for a common goal, and that it’s a shared goal with the front office. Then, and only then, will you be successful.
  • I don't want to start a political debate here, but this is a pretty awesome article on NBA Fanhouse about how Obama's lobbying LeBron to play in Chicago next year could cost Obama the Ohio electorals in the 2012 elections, and thus, a second term.
  • Feel free to add any other interesting links in the comments/FanShots. For those of you taking Friday off to have an extra long weekend, have a great and safe Memorial Day.