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Detroit Dimes: Dime Magazine Honors The Pistons Of The Past, Present

Dime Magazine recently showed some respect to the 'Stones of the past and present in a collection of articles this week. Okay, so maybe Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva didn't exactly earn "respect", but they were noted in a rather fitting article about... defense (lack thereof, specifically). Three separate articles published by Dime gave our Pistons some notoriety, all of which are certainly worth a read:

  • "It's Time To Reunite The 2003-04 Pistons... In Denver" suggests a trade of Nene Hilario and JR Smith (and Reynaldo Balkman) for Tayshaun Prince and Richard Hamilton. Sure, it'll never happen, but this writer sure wouldn't complain.
  • The "2010 NBA All No-Defense Team" features not one but two Pistons, both of which just happen to be our most recent free agent signings Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva.
  • Last, while Tayshaun Prince didn't make the cut for this year's "The NBA All-Iron Man Team" thanks to his injuries, Ben Wallace did.

Enjoy the read while you can, Pistons fans. The summer doldrums are not too far away...