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Hittin' the Links: Where DBB's Dreams -- Cousins, Collison, and/or Jack -- May Come True

10 days until draft time, so you know what that means, right? Rumors, rumors, and more rumors that will get speculated on -- to death.

  • We'll get started with the Hornets possibly making Darren Collison available (via don'tworryaboutit in the FanShots):.
  • Rival executives will continue to try to convince the Hornets to make Chris Paul available in trades, pointing to the fact that Williams can simply slide the promising Darren Collison and his modest $1.4 million salary into that spot. When those teams get shot down, look for the Hornets -- based on the hints we've received from more than one exec -- to make Collison available as long as the interested party is willing to take back the cap-clogging contract of Emeka Okafor, James Posey or Peja Stojakovic with Paul's backup.
    Of course, this has been broken down in depth here on DBB. Some DBB'ers may or may not wet their pants if Dumars is somehow able to pull off a trade for Collison (and Okafor). I can't say I wouldn't, but I'd also like to be on Team Stuckey for another year. I don't know if Dumars could execute a deal like this without including Stuckey, though.

  • DraftExpress was lighting up the Twitter feed yesterday with interesting stuff. Quick Darshan FanShot'd about the most relevant, regarding the availability of DeMarcus Cousins and Draft Express' rumor that something big could go down today or tomorrow. I'll be on the lookout for more on that today. Meanwhile, there's good discussion already going on within the comments of QD's link.
  • Brgulker broke it down, and now Jarret Jack might be available for the trading (via - PS - in the FanShots):
  • The Raptors are not just sitting around. Rather, Colangelo is shopping Hedo Turkoglu, Jose Calderon and Jarrett Jack with an eye toward making trades before July 1. The same source told me that a Turkoglu trade was already in the works and could happen by the draft. While the source was confident something would happen, the source didn't disclose the potential destination(s). The Calderon and Jack discussions are moving more slowly, but over the past few days the Raptors have been pressing forward on those fronts as well.
    More after the jump.
  • Dan Feldman of PistonPowered did some great research and discovered that maybe we should be giving Charlie Villanueva the benefit of the doubt about his off-season conditioning.
  • The Detroit Free Press says Greg Monroe in the post would help more Pistons' jump shots fall. Yeah, so would any type of post presence.
  • Keith Langlois breaks down DeMarcus Cousins in his latest draft preview.
  • Cousins apparently killed it in the Kings workout, hitting 78% of his shots. They think Favors is the more talented big man, but that Cousins is further along. The two will go one-on-one in New Jersey on June 21.
  • You know that new movie Grown Ups, that comes out June 25? Adam Sandler said during an NBA Finals commercial their 'team' is most like the 2004 Pistons. Sold.
  • Tom Izzo Watch: SB Nation Detroit has the latest major updates and the DetNewsMSU twitter will let you know if he scratches his butt. "Scratch twice if you're going to Cleveland, Tom!" says the onlooking media. "Give us a sign!"