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Blue Light Refreshment Duo: Top Pistons Duos, Who You Got?


This post is sponsored by Blue Light. The Blue Light Refreshment Duo are throwing a massive party in their Refreshment Headquarters and they want you to be there. You could be one of the lucky guys who rocks the snowy outdoors by day and parties with the Duo and the Blue Light Girls by night. Just go to to find out more about how to enter to win a ticket for you and a friend.

For purposes of full disclosure, I'm receiving some extra cash for doing this post, which I will undoubtedly use for brewskies (Labatty, of course) because I have a blogging problem. One of my rules was that I wouldn't do it unless I could somehow turn the post into some type of discussion for you, the readers. After all, I'm not just a piece of meat.

As you may or may not know, Blue Light has a promotion going on right now called the Blue Light Refreshment Duo. The Blue Light Refreshment Duo are two attractive women in skin-tight snowsuits who - whenever morale is low - show up and save the day with some liquid courage. It's the Blue Light version of Weird Science.

Anyway, the Blue Light HQ is hosting a party jam packed with Blue Light girls (and beer) that you can have the privilege of attending. All you need to do is enter for a chance to score a ticket for you and a friend. Head over to their site,, if you like potential good times.

DBB's not the only SB Nation blog that has done this advertisement post. A couple other blogs, Pride of Detroit and Tomahawk Nation, gave me a good idea to make this even more worthwhile: discuss our respective team's dynamic duos.

I know the Pistons have prided themselves on having a complete roster to win multiple NBA championships, but there's definitely been the fair share of 1-2 punches. Who is your favorite duo in Pistons' history and who do you think is the all-time best?

Isiah Thomas and Joe Dumars certainly come to mind as one of the best and the Grant Hill/Otis Thorpe pick-and-roll combo (which helped me win multiple video game championships) was definitely a personal favorite.

Let's hear yours.