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Kobe-Celtics Game 6 Thread

After writing my exhaustive (or exhausting, depending on your perspective) analysis of whether game 5 was a must-win for the Celtics, I came across a statistic, courtesy of John Hollinger.

The team that leads 3-2 in the championship series has gone on to win 34 out of 40 times. 34 out of 40, or 85%.

I still think the Lakers have a very good shot. As I've mentioned before, the Celtics have slowed as the series progresses. In particular, I expect Gasol to return to form.

If the Celtics win tonight, who will be MVP? It should be Kobe, but I wouldn't mind Rondo. If I were a betting man, I'd go with Pierce if he tops 20 points tonight.

What do you think? Does the season end tonight? Who should be MVP? Do you think Kelly Sue will go out with me?

Bring your Vuvuzelas!