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Hittin' the Links: The Kings/Pistons Draft Pick Swap Rumor, Arnie's Impact, and Jonas Jerebko Hitting A Golf Ball 300+ Yards

  • We'll start with the big topic of discussion: Chad Ford speculating that a deal between the Kings and Pistons would happen, if the Pistons were willing to accept. That deal, as we already know, is Sacramento's Andres Nocioni & the No. 5 pick for Tayshaun Prince & the No. 7 pick. Ford says, "the Pistons have been adamant that they are holding on to Prince."

    The Pistons are probably weighing all their options. After all, they could potentially get as high as No. 3 if the rumors that the Nets might be willing to trade their pick are true. Conceivably, though, Prince would still be great value at the trade deadline, so the Pistons could be holding on to him until then to see how the season plays out. Even if he plays miserable or gets hurt, he's still $11 million coming off the books for somebody looking to shed salary. The big question, of course, is whether or not his value is at its greatest right now. That's something Joe Dumars needs to figure out, obviously.
  • Ziller at Sactown Royalty breaks down whether or not it makes financial sense for the Kings. In the comments, they're already having fun calling Prince a King.
  • Detroit News Pistons beat writer, Ted Kulfan, doesn't think Nocioni would be a good fit with the Pistons. You think Charlie underachieved for what he made last year? Nocioni would be eaten alive.

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  • Bearded thundar, DBB's personal trainer, linked to this awesome piece by Keith Langlois on how much work Arnie Kander, Detroit's personal trainer, is doing with some of the Pistons -- Ben Gordon, Rodney Stuckey, Charlie Villanueva, and Jonas Jerebko -- this summer. Some of the DBB faithful excerpted the most interesting quotes here.
  • Vincent Goodwill of the Detroit News reports that Chucky Atkins wants to stay a Piston.
  • Austin Daye's Twitter confessions: He's thinking about getting a tattoo. He also likes PDA and wants a lot of kids when he gets day.
  • No defense did better against Kobe in the playoffs than the 2004 Detroit Pistons. But we already knew that. (H/T @pistonpowered)
  • Jonas Jerebko can drive a golf ball 300+ yards. But we already knew that.