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Hittin' the Links: Pistons Still Interested In DeMarcus [Chunky] Cousins and Derrick Favors, Austin Daye Working Hard, and Pistons Want Ben Wallace to Return

Another day until the NBA Finals start, but new content right now.

  • ESPN's LZ Granderson thinks DeMarcus Cousins could be a 'weighty' issue because of his 16.4% body fat and showing up to the combine 20 pounds heavier than listed at Kentucky. I think the comparisons to Oliver Miller and Eddy Curry are a bit of a stretch, but maybe LZ wrote this to scare teams away to allow him to slip to his favorite team (if so, well played):
  • Rumor has it my favorite team, Detroit, is considering moving up in the draft to try to take Cousins. It makes sense considering the franchise hasn't had a consistent low post threat sense James "Buddha" Edwards left for the Clippers in 1991. (Edwards got his nickname because of his Fu Manchu mustache, not because of his gut.) Needless to say, I'm nervous.

    "An overweight talented prospect might be a good bet as long as you can get him to lose weight," said Dr. Gary Hunter, a professor at the University of Alabama and a fellow at the American College of Sports Medicine. "The primary danger of drafting an overweight athlete is that he may not have the ability to control his weight and not lose the needed pounds, or even worse, gain more weight."
  • Speaking of Cousins, Chad Ford reiterated the Pistons interest in moving up to get Cousins or Favors during his ESPN chat yesterday (via @PistonPowered):
  • James (Detroit) Chad, I feel like the Pistons have to make a move up in the draft to get either Favors or Cousins even if it means taking on a bad contract . If you want an elite big man you pretty much have to draft one and there's a big drop off after those two. Can you see any potential trade scenarios with the teams in the 2-5 range for Detroit?

    Chad Ford (1:29 PM) Pistons can offer No. 7 plus either Tayshaun Prince's expiring contract or perhaps one of their young assets like Jerebko or Austin Daye to get up there. They are talking to teams. Cousins really interests them as does Favors.
  • According to the Detroit News:
  • DeMarcus Cousins, Ekpe Udoh and Greg Monroe will begin making their way to Auburn Hills for individual workouts and interviews, beginning today.
  • Austin Daye has been putting up a lot of shots and weights this off-season, working to increase his role with the team next season.
  • Dime Mag tackles the horse we've all beaten to a bloody pulp. Let's do it some more.
  • Via - PS -, Jonas Jerebko returned home to Sweden and was presented with all their finest babes and meatballs.
  • Of course the Pistons management would love for Ben Wallace to return next season. It's in their best interest for winning games and for teaching the young big men, who are eager to learn from him.
  • In case you missed it, Brgulker wrote a lengthy piece on Dave Berri's 'Wages of Wins Journal' dismissing any Stuckey/Rondo comparisons.

    More random stuff at the jump
  • Garrett linked a funny fictional account of the 'free agent summit.' Here's an excerpt:
    LeBron James: Guys, welcome. I’m happy we’ve gotten together to determine our futures, and to remake the whole NBA. I mean, just look around the table. You got my man Dwyane Wade, who has a ring, a Finals MVP, a gold medal, and who’s just 28. This was his idea.

    Dwyane Wade
    : Glad to be here, Bron.

    LeBron: You got Chris Bosh, the best young power forward in the game, five-time all-star, 26 years old, Olympian, great player.

    Chris Bosh: Thanks for the call, guys.

    LeBron: You got me, the two-time defending MVP, and I’m just 25.

    Wade: You’re a star, Bron.

    Joe Johnson: And I’m here, too!

    Wade: Yeah. Thanks for coming, Joe.
  • The chat transcript for the LeBron/Larry King interview that is supposed to air on Friday.
  • The ESPN Free Agent Slot Machine -- I spun it roughly 25 times and got Boozer coming to the Pistons twice.
  • Check out the redesign at, but come back.