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Report: Barring Trade Up, Pistons Will Draft Ed Davis at No. 7

This is according to Draft Express, and DeMarcus Cousins said they need to get their facts straight, but they're usually pretty reputable:

Detroit: Barring a trade or Cousins somehow falling past Warriors (not happening), Ed Davis will be going 7. Al-Farouq "doesn't make sense."

Davis is a frail, undersized big man from the University of North Carolina. Draft Express has him as a best case scenario Al Horford and a worst case more physically gifted Udonis Haslem. They could certainly do worse at the No. 7 spot, but Davis doesn't strike me as the impact player they need. In other words, please, for the love of Cousins, make a trade happen, Dumars.

If you want more on Davis, Bearded Thundar did an awesome job rounding up his scouting report earlier this off-season.