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Hittin' the Links: Starring Chad Ford's Pistons' Draft Board

Tomorrow night can't get here soon enough -- my head is about to explode with all the draft speculation.

  • Anyway, Chad Ford claims he knows the Pistons' draft board:
  • If Cousins and Udoh are off the board, the Pistons will be choosing between Monroe or Ed Davis. As I first reported this morning, Al-Farouq Aminu fell out of the conversation on Monday after he refused to workout in Detroit. While our Mock Draft has the Pistons drafting Davis, that will change if Monroe is on the board. Sources insist that the Pistons have both Cousins and Monroe ahead of Davis and the other big they like, Ekpe Udoh.
    So that's Cousins, Monroe, Davis and Udoh OR Cousins, Monroe, Udoh and Davis. Draft Express' report said the Pistons would select Davis if they couldn't land Cousins. And Ford's latest mock corroborates that projection, assuming Draft Express knew Golden State's intentions, as it has Monroe going No. 6 to the Warriors and then Davis to the Pistons.
  • I know I haven't made it abundantly clear, but I'm on the Udoh wagon if we can't get Cousins. He has a 7'5" wingspan, his middle name is Friday so he wears No. 13, and in his redshirt year he cockily told a teammate at practice, "I'm a nightmare" in the paint. The nickname 'Nightmare' stuck with him and he blocked 3.7 shots per game last year. All bad ass and enough for me to be sold. /end personal agenda push.
  • Take it as you will, but the Pistons released a list of 30 names that worked out with the team leading up to the draft. On the list were Aldrich, Davis and Udoh. Not on the list were Cousins, Monroe and Aminu. What does it all mean? Classic smokescreen.
  • Mikhail Torrence from Alabama is reportedly No. 1 on the Pistons board at the 36th pick:
  • Teams with interest in Alabama's Mikhail Torrance have a similar dilemma. Mikhail however has a floor - #36 to the Detroit Pistons. If other teams want Mikhail they are going to have to draft him before the 36th pick, or try and move into the bottom of the first round to trump any other second round shoppers.

    Torrence is a 6'5" point guard who averaged 15.6 ppg, 5.1 apg and shot 47% from the field (36% from downtown) last season. He says he tries to pattern his game after Deron Williams (good choice). For the record, Torrence's name was on the list of players the Pistons released and Chad Ford has him mocked at 60 (!).

  • Let's hope the 3rd time is a charm for Joe Dumars and Top-10 draft picks.
  • Jay Bilas sees a similar flaw with DeMarcus Cousins that Dumars overlooked when drafting Darko in 2003. For the reason that Cousins is immature, Bilas says he would pass on him if he was an NBA GM.
  • DaJuan Summers would pick Cole Aldrich if he was GM.