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Sharped - The "Terrico White is Inexplicably a Piston" post

Um, upside???
Um, upside???

I don't think I'm alone in trying to make sense of this one.

Terrico White, a 6'5 guard from Mississippi, used to play football, we are informed. I guess that adds toughness.

Now the negatives. White is a combo guard on a team featuring two combo guards and at least nine players who can play the two.

He is a poor shooter (43%), and a poor passer (1.5 apg). He gets to the line with modest frequency, but doesn't convert (71%), which tempers my enthusiasm.

The most glaring problem, in my view, is his failure to improve between his freshman and sophomore years. In fact, he arguably got a bit worse.

His athletic stats are poor. He failed to crack even one steal or block per game. He is a decent rebounder for his position, and some of his statistics and attributes suggest that he may have been a workout wonder.

It will be interesting to see how Keith Langlois spins this one. Maybe he'll be part of a trade to Minnesota? That would make sense.

Anyone got a different take here?