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Reasons To Get Drunk and Surly Tonight

This one's for Terrico White. Everybody pop a Strohs and let's get surly!


Predictably, the Timberwolves are reaching out to Rudy Gay, thus fulfilling the prophecy that they get stuck with the Calvin Booth memorial worst contract of the off-season. Wolves GM David Kahn had this to say:

We have a decent little story to tell. It's one that's building as opposed to one that's already there...

Yeah, this guy knows how to talk to basketball players. Come take part in our decent little story, Rudy Gay.


Am I the only one who does not give a damn about Worldwide Wes? It is sufficient for me to know that star players have an entourage, and that this entourage often includes movers and shakers. I do not need to know the particulars, thanks.


Yesterday, I postulated about the impact of a Bosh-Bron signing in Chicago. But would that be the best way for LeBron to win a ring next year? My analysis says no, giving a slight edge to Dallas, who would project to 61 wins by adding James without giving up key assets, unless they give up Butler, in which case the projection goes to about 63 wins. Perhaps that is why the team has emerged as a dark horse in the sweepstakes.


The Houston Rockets are employing a fan caravan to woo free agents. That sound only slightly better than Kahn's request to join his little story. Seriously, how annoyed would you be if a bus full of Texans showed up at your door?

Daryl Morey should stick to spreadsheets.


When reporters talk about sources close to the situation w/r/t Rockets signings, is it possible they will be talking about the fans on a bus? I mean, they will be close, in proximity to the events. Do they count?

Kobe to the Knicks? Could happen.


Headline from the Detroit News: Red Wings, Pistons are mum on report of prospective buyer.

Whenever teams are described as "mum" about something, that's usually a good sign that it's going to happen. I trust "mum" more than I trust sources close to the situation.

That said, if this sale could go down, it would probably be the best possible situation for the Pistons. Ilitch has demonstrated a willingness to spend money, not just on sports, but on business in general. His aggressive expansion into lower middle-class neighborhoods with his pizza chain was well timed and brilliant. He understands that you need to spend money to make money. You could do far worse.


Maybe Worldwide Wes is the source close to the situation. That would make sense. Reporters dump free publicity on the guy for no real reason, in exchange for getting fake scoops on free agency.

Sources close to my situation tell me it's time to go for a jog.

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