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Hittin' the Links: Potential No. 7 Picks To Work Out With Pistons, Joe Dumars Q&A, and Fennis Dembo References FTW

Game 3 tonight at 9 PM EST. If Jason Bateman and Rainman locked lips on the kiss cam in LA, what would be its equivalent in Boston? Ben Affleck and Dane Cook?

  • The Pistons are finally bringing in potential No. 7 picks for work outs. Greg Monroe is supposed to be first on Wednesday. After spending all off-season weighing their options for the No. 36 pick and potential undrafted free agents, Dumars and co. will now spend from now until the June 24 draft kicking it into high gear
  • Dumars said the Pistons have gotten favorable responses from the agents of all the players they’ve requested for workouts. "At seven, you’re not going to ask a couple of guys who are supposed to go one-two to come in at seven, so you don’t even put yourself in that position. But other guys who are targeted for that range, it’s usually no problem getting them in."

    That probably means the Pistons aren’t asking the consensus top few players – John Wall, Derrick Favors and Evan Turner – to work out for them.

    I asked him specifically if he thought there was a chance that DeMarcus Cousins could fall as far as No. 7, and while he didn’t answer the question directly, his answer indicates he wouldn’t rule it out: "I’ve seen it happen before. A lot of talented guys – Paul Pierce dropped to 10th, I think. Amare Stoudemire dropped. You’ve had some talented guys drop before. History tells us that it can happen."
  • Keith Langlois has apparently been throwing some soft toss to Joe Dumars of late, as well. Look for a Langlois/Dumars Q&A to be posted on throughout the week. I'll try to link to it as soon as it becomes available. 
  • Will the No. 7 pick bring the Pistons luck?  Here's another look at past No. 7's.
  • It has been said that the Cavs are courting MSU coach, Tom Izzo. You can follow the updates on SB Nation Detroit as they become available. For any Spartans fans, this would be a triple-whammy of a travesty. Spartans fans or not, Izzo's a great coach and if he accepts a job with the Cavs, that's probably a pretty good indication that LeBron's re-signing -- double-whammy for non-Spartans/Pistons fans. Izzo would be a fool (a damn fool!) to take that job without knowing the status of LBJ for sure, though.
  • Fennis Dembo, an unlikely champion with an even more unlikely name.