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Tayshaun Prince To Be Inducted Into UK's Hall of Fame

Tayshaun and five other University of Kentucky basketball alums will be enshrined in the school's Hall of Fame during the weekend of September 10-11.

Prince, who is eighth on UK's all-time scoring list, was a two-time All-American, SEC Player of the Year and three-time All-SEC selection during his time with the Wildcats. Despite the impressive resume, a lot of UK fans remember Prince most for the time he hit five consecutive three-pointers at the start of an always big game against UNC in 2001 (the year he was an All-American). The fifth was straight out of NBA Jam -- Prince knew he was on fire, so he just pulled up right as he crossed half court.

This probably could've been a FanShot, but it gives me an excuse to embed 'the block' that permanently wins him a place in the hearts of all Pistons fans. (Sorry, I was feeling nostalgic):