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Hittin' The Links: Potential Trading Partners, Expected Terrico White Deal, John Salley And Maybe Not Enough Lindsey Hunter

Happy July 26. The off-season lull is in full swing, so push through with these links

  • Vince Ellis of the Free Press feels the Hornets or Hawks could offer help to the Pistons. With the Chris Paul rumors running rampant (and Okafor possibly going, too), Ellis believes the Hornets may completely unload, which could make David West available (two years, $15.8 million, player option second year). Ellis goes on to conjure up the Pistons 2008 interest in Atlanta's Josh Smith. If/when Atlanta realizes giving Joe Johnson a max deal was a sorry mistake and they can't afford Josh Smith (or Al Horford), the Pistons could swoop in. Dan Feldman at Piston Powered responds that a trade for Josh Smith is not happening.
  • Vince Ellis said on July 23 to expect a [contract] deal with Terrico White soon.
  • Nowhere to be seen on the ESPN ticker as breaking news, Lindsey Hunter officially confirmed retirement on ABC's Sports Update with Tom Leyden on Sunday night. He originally made an announcement in February that he would retire after the season, but left the door open if something "drastically" changed. Nothing "drastically" changed -- he's still old and not getting any younger. Also on the Sports Update, Lindsey promoted his Red Bull Open Run Tournament that'll take place at Cass Tech High School next weekend. Here's the video:

  • Speaking of Lindsey Hunter, Brady Green at D4L recalls a 1995 Pistons moment involving Hunter as one of the worst plays in modern-ish Detroit sports history. I vaguely remember this atrocity, but couldn't find a clip on YouTube for enlightenment. Instead, I found this Lindsey Hunter buzzer-beater from 1999, which sent Bison Dele (aka Brian Carson Williams) into a myoclonic seizure. Warning: Jud Buechler and Eric Montross herein.

  • Speaking of Lindsey Hunter, Will Bynum's agent is still talking to Joe Dumars (I imagine it'd be a bad sign if they weren't). Both sides say things are progressing, but I think what we have here is a little game of free agency chicken. (H/T Apocalyptic0n3)
  • The third biggest decision in the history of decisions (behind LeBron taking his talents to Miami and Ace Ventura choosing the white New England clam chowder over the red), happened to be Charlie Villanueva deciding where he should take his driving skillz: Aston Martin Rapide or Lexus LF-A? (Jim Gray with the drum roll) He went with the Aston Martin. Aston_martin_rapide_medium
  • These four have to step up this season if the Pistons plan to improve.
  • Why on Earth would anyone want to join the Celtics? Well, Shaq does. Shaq was also on stage at a Justin Bieber concert last night, so, yeah. I wonder if Bieber beat Shaq, too.
  • Selling the Pistons won't be easy. This brings back all initial concerns, despite Mrs. Davidson's expectation that the team will be sold by the start of the season.
  • The John Salley epiphany, induced by none other than Rony Seikaly
  • Next time I order a hot dog at a stadium, I'll have to remember to ask them to hold the mustard and puss-filled band-aids.